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Tallulah (Timbreblue Dances For Money) is Belle Folie's stunning Blue dilute foundation Whippet. She is first and foremost a beloved family member. Tallulah's first litter, at age 5, produced 9 gorgeous puppies of which 7 are show quality, meaning they meet the requirements of the ideal whippet standard:  everything in the right place with correct proportions, angles and lines. To get such a consistent high quality litter is a testament to Tallulah's breeders - Timbreblue Whippets. I'm forever greatful Sharon and Johannah has entrusted me with Tallulah!


Ch Fiamma (Belle Folie My Virtigo) is Tallulah's red brindle daughter. She is part of the exciting Belle Folie future. At 4 months of age she won her first Group win: BBPIG. We are looking forward to Fi's show career. Fiamma carries the dilute gene.

Sam (Belle Folie Extreme Ways) is Tallulah's son. He is also part of the exciting Belle Folie future. At 4 months of age he won his first Show win: BBPIS! We are looking forward to Sam's show career as well. Samwell carries the dilute gene.




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When Pigs Fly! by Jane Killion 


I can not stress the importance of a good training manual. Belle Folie pups are raised as Puppy Culture Pups.


New owners need only this one training manual to continue the training I've begun. Click the image below to purchase:  

Belle  Folie



Belle Folie, in Ontario Canada, breeds to the Canadian Kennel Club whippet standard. Priority is placed on health testing, fitness and sound temperament. If we get blue whippets that's a cherry on top!